I decided to get a domain name sometime in the year 2000. I tried to think of domain names I could use. I few I thought of were blue-dolphin.net, deep-cyan-blue.com, perriwinkle.nu, and raspberry-rain.net. I was later pondering that they were not catchy enough and too long. I then thought of shortening my favorite colour (deep cyan blue) to just plain cyan-blue.com.

     I then went to Network Solutions, because I heard it was good. Well, I registered and they never gave me any of the information I needed to log in. Plus, it never showed up on the credit card.

     My domain name was finally done registering on October 24th 2000. I registered it from Namezero, after they got rid of their free services. The only bad thing was, that they didn't have a hosting service. So I started using Microsoft Personal Webserver. Every Windows 98 computer comes with it installed. It runs your website directly from your computer, which gives you unlimited space, for free. The only bad part is, you must always keep the internet on. So sometimes, my computer ran for weeks with this program on. When my site was down, it usually meant that I was restarting my computer because it was overheating.

     As of January 31st, namezero had told me that cyan-blue.com was going to be shut down, because my membership time ran out. I tried to re-register but they had changed their services to only use American bank accounts. I had to find another server. I then switched to Fusion 3K, where I had 50mb of space. It was pretty limited. I also registered my domain name at the Domain Registry of Canada.

     After a while of trying to renew my site at Fusion 3k, I realized that they didn't have very good customer service. So I searched for another company and found Lonex, which gave me 400mb of space and good customer service. I also now use Godaddy's domain services because they're affordable.

     I'm now at Dreamhost and they give a lot of space and bandwidth so I'm happy.