I first got internet on October 31st, 1998. I was 11 years old and at the time, my favorite show was Sailor Moon. I was happy that I could finally find out everything about the show I loved so much. After a few months on the internet, I decided I wanted to create a website. My dad took me to Future Shop and we picked up Claris Home Page Designer 3.0. Now that I look back on it, that program probably wasn't all that great.

     After working on the site, adding different kinds of sections almost everyday, the site went up a day before my 12th birthday. I finally decided on a title, The Sailor Moon Place. I uploaded my website to geocities, back in the old days before it merged with yahoo. Where it was more neighbourhood based. I got my place at Tokyo/Dojo/5493. Everything was running great and my parents bragged to friends about how their 12 year old was already making websites. I decided to write fiction and draw characters for my own 'series', the Sailor Sun Scouts.

     Everything was great for about a year or so, I decided I would get my own domain name. Namezero was a company that would offer free domain names, so I registered Sailor-Sun.net. It seemed like out of no-where, a group of people decided that my site was awful and started to insult me through my guestbook. They were telling me that I didn't know HTML and that I was colour-blind (Although I can see their point now that I know more about website design.) Fortunately, I had good friends, and they stuckup for me. Shortly after that, I lost interest in Sailor Moon, also geocities started to become harder to host websites on because of restrictions.

     Around the same time, I lost interest in Sailor Moon, and created a website on my new favorite show, Dragonball Z. This was around when I was 12-13. Its' name was Pan's World, because a character named Pan was my favorite. Of course, I still used my favorite program, Claris Home Page. I didn't like its limitations, so I then decided that I should start learning HTML. I made a basic frames-based layout for the website, in black and green.

     I decided I should get a real domain name. I looked for ideas for names all over the place. I finally looked though a colour book, and found a nice looking colour called, deep cyan blue. With a lack of other names to pick, I decided I would take off the 'deep' part, and stick with plain cyan blue. I knew that I couldn't keep the space in there so, I hyphenated it. I ran throufh other names like raspberry-rain and a few others that I can't remember now.

     The original cyan-blue.com website was deep cyan blue, with the domain name in the center. There were links to my subsites and it was very basic. I saw some other interesting layouts and further developed my knowledge of HTML. I went through a lot of layouts that were based on frames, with a central image that I would change each month. Then, after 2 years of that, I got really bored with the idea and basically neglected the site for a year.

     The next layout featured a deep cyan blue background with white text and a rotating banner that displayed 'cyan-blue.com' in different fonts.

     The current layout still has a rotating cyan-blue.com image, except the text is a deep cyan blue and the background is a very light blue.