Q: What does FAQ stand for?
     A: Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: When did you start designing websites?
     A: October 31st, 1998.

Q: How old are you?
     A: I'm 19, but I haven't worked on this site since I was about 17.

Q: Can you send me a pic?
     A: No.

Q: What do you use to make your site?
     A: Notepad.

Q: I want a website, can you make me one?
     A: Look here.

Q: Who do you use to host your website?
     A: I pay for my space from Dreamhost.

Q: I don't want to pay. Where can I get my website for free?
     A: It depends how much you know about your HTML. If you are a beginner, I recommend you use Geocities. They were the ones I started out with. They have an easy editor. Yet, I don't know how well it works because I never made my websites through that editor thingy. If you KNOW how to use HTML, then go and try Shyper.

Q: Hay I heard u liek anime???//
     A: When I started this site, yeah, I did. I haven't liked it for about 3-4 years now to be honest. A lot of things on this old site were anime based, but as you can see, things have changed.

Q: Why do you have a Hall of Dumbasses?
     A: Because people are stupid.

Q: YoUr SiTe SuCkS!!!!!!!11
     A: That's not a question, and I really don't care.