"Don't bother me Dib. I'm in the zone" -Gaz

Welcome to the Zone, inspired by that quote from Gaz. I am a very bored little child and I have created this site because of my extreme bordem. Plus, this show is my new obsession. Yep, I don't get Nickelodeon where I come from. I'm Canadian, so I have to download the episodes and seen them all *evil laugh*. Well I'll leave you with that so go run along and explore my boring Invader Zim site. The links are underneath that large Gir picture that I hope has loaded for you *pats dial-up users on the back*.


May 17/10- Got an award today! Check it out!

May 27/08- I might as wll advertise my new site because this one still gets a lot of traffic. Here's a link: Drawing Conclusions.

Apr 18/06- Sorry pals, but if you haven't noticed this site has been dead for a while :(

Aug 01/03- Updated #130-141 of YKYWTMIZW.

Apr 22/03- Added a new fan fic.

Apr 15/03- Added new images from 'Walk of Doom' to the image gallery. I realize that some images from other episodes are missing, I'll try to fix that as soon as possible.

Apr 14/03- Added YKYWTMIZW numbers 74-129 O__O Also added 2 new fanfics.

Mar 09/03- E-mail address has been changed. I've added a fan fic by Alex Carr. Go check it out!

Feb 06/03- Yeah, my website's still offline, it should be online sometime today. I have added some more YKYWTMIZW stuff, and the screenshots are back up and working.

Feb 08/03- First update of the new year? Ack, I'm sorry for not updating this. Very busy with school, it really sucks. As I write this, my webspace is down because it's expired. Hopefully it'll be back up soon, and have all its updates. Well anyways, the awards, fiction, and ykywtmizw sections have been updated. Stupidly sometime inbetween my last update and this one, I deleetd everyone's submissions to things, which sucked because there were some good ones. So please send them back in if you don't see yours up there.

Oct 30/02- Updated the YKYWTMIZW list...this is becoming rather repetitive =P

Oct 28/02- Updated the YKYWTMIZW list, added a new link blinkie, added tallest purple to the RPG list of ujournal players.

Oct 15/02- Updated with a Fan Fic and I also updated the YKYWTMIZW list again. I just found that my 'Invader Book' isn't working right. I don't know why, but it isn't my fault, it's the guestbook comapany's.

Oct 13/02- Updated the YKYWTMIZW list...again. I've added a new section called the 'Invader Book'. In it, you can explain your life story as an Invader/Tallest/SIR Unit/etc...please check it out ^^

Oct 06/02- Updated the YKYWTMIZW list. Feel happy for me because I now own JTHM numbers 1 through 3. I can't find any of the others ;.; Buy me stuff!...stupid wishlist won't let me remove stuff *kicks*

Sep 29/02- Added one fan fic...yes, that is all. Actually, I might as well do some advertising. I would appriciate it if you visited my main site, at cyan-blue.com. I put a lot of work into it and stuff. If you're looking for a fun message board to join, I also have one there. It's located here, you won't reget it...or something like that.

Sep 28/02- Added some more YKYWTMIZW. I'm trying to get another fan fic, but the person sent it in the wrong format, so you may get another update either roday or tomorrow.

Sep 21/02- Added some more YKYWTMIZW...stuff. I keep getting submissions for that thingy O.o

Sep 16/02- I'm going to ask a few requests. When you submit something to me, make sure to include your name, and if you are sending a fan fic, to actually attach it into the e-mail, or include it. Added some YKYWTMIZW and a fan fiction.

Sep 09/02- Added some YKYWTMIZW stuff submitted to me.

Sep 03/02- Damn school started today. I've added a new section called YKYWTMIZW...go there and find out what it means.

Aug 29/02- I guess I have the problem with GIR-Aholic solved...well sorta so far. I moved the image gallery to a new web provider...so iftheres any problems...please tell me. Aug 24/02- We have our first layout stealer! Say hello to GIR-Aholic! As you can see, the blue outline on GIR shows up in her site, as in mine, it does not. Because I know how to use transparency and know how to match colours right *kicks*. Well if you'd like to comment to the webmaster, the e-mail address is here, or at least that's the one that e-mailed about their site earlier because the layout steal attempt.

Aug 16/02- Added a Fan Fiction section due to a submission. Yes, since I have nothing else to say....once again.... please vote for me again?

Aug 13/02- I've added a few links to sites, and I added a GIR icon. Sorry about the delay ^^;;

Jul 30/02- I've added two new icons. One is of GIR and one is of Tak. I've also updated the RPG-ers list. Oh yes, and please vote for me?

Jul 25/02- As soon as I get my new hard drive...episode screencapturing will begin again. Dunno when this is gonna happen though. I added a GIR icon to the list...I got many requestsfor one. I also updated the FAQ list...heh.

Jul 17/02- I've added three more icons, and updated the episode list. Still no clue what's happening with my hard drive. I have to hook it back up and fix it, or else I'm not going to be able to do any more screencaps.

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