What is this you ask? Well YKYWTMIZW stands for 'You Know You Watch Too Much Invader Zim When...'. Well I think you get the point...if not...then...er...you're stupid ^-^! Um...let us just continue... If you have any more ideas, please e-mail me. Remember to include your name, and it would make my job easier if you used the correct numbers.

1.In the morning go screaming to your Mum/Dad saying "DAD DAD DAD!!! SOME FLOATING ALIEN SHOES CHOOSE ME!! I HAVE POWERS!!!! LOOK!! ::try to move the juice bottle with your mind::
2.If you won anything or was congratulated for being clean, say "I just like to say, If I were a member of an alien race, WHICH I'M NOT! I would take this time to say "FITHIE EARTH CREATURES IT IS TRUE TO THE SUPIOR ONES ARE!! YOU STINK!! ::do the twisty fist thing::
3.If anyone stole your pizza/soda. You'd hunt them down and say "Let it be known that from this day, until the end of the day, vengeance will be mine. Dib, you will not know the meaning of peace, for I shall rain misery down upon your pizza/soda stealing heart!"
4.If have emptied anything out and they asked why. Just respond "To make room for the tuna!"
5.If someone asked you "You left what at home?" Say "The The guidy, chippy, thingy."
6.Now if you happen to be stuck in argument with your enemy just say "But one day, you'll be sitting in your house feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and I'll be there! Doin' stuff!"
7.When someone asks you has sent you and who are you. You say "I am Government Man, come from the government. The government has sent me."

From Invader Lee

8. If you get loaded with homework at school, and you get a headache, you scream, "AAAAAGHGH! MY BRAINMEATS!"
9. If your teacher's name is Mr. Broome, you call him BROOME OF DOOM! It also works with any teacher whose name rhymes with 'doom.'
10. If you ever say something stupid, your friends correct you with "The Armada?"
11. You and/or one of your friends can write in Irken fluently.
12. All or most of your Screen names on AOL, AIM, ICQ, KaZaA, or any other messaging service has to do with Zim.
13. You are convinced that you are an Irken and your Boy/girl friend is your SIR unit... (Let's think CLEAN people)
14. You are registered on wormbaby.com
15. Your day consists of, Waking up, and humming the Zim theme in the shower. You read JtHM while eating breakfast, and you jump into the car, begging your parents to play the Zim CD you burnt You succeed in getting them to actually PLAY the CD, singing along with the CD you annoy your parental units so bad, they start to drool (Doom, doom, doom...)You get out of the car (you're still singing), and marching like an irken, you approach the school(you write Skool). You then pass some time walking your SIR to class. You then hastily march to your own, leaving your backpack on(you will die with out it). LUNCH TIME...... At lunch you taste your food, gag, and stand up on the table... You scream "DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS! I'M NORMAL!" You then have a muffin thrown at your head by some kid who uses WAY too much hair gel. Lunch ends and the rest of the day drags on for what seems like an eternity...

From Invader Spork

16. Your parents do a clip from Riverdance at Back to School Night.
17. Your dog is black, so you bleach its fur and then dye it green.
18. When you go to your local 7-11, you insist on ordering taquitos and Chocolate Bubble Icee.
19. You scream "I LIKE YOUR SHIRT!" to your friend who just happens to be wearing the same Invader Zim shirt you are at the opposite end of a busy hallway at school.

From conpooky@aol.com

20.You are called either weenie girl, an alien, tall, or crazy at skool.
21. You sneak a JTHM comic into class.
22. You annoy your teacher with the Doom Song.
23.Your teacher is so mean and old that you call her Mrs. Bitters.
24. You give up on homework because a rerun of Zim is on.
25. You can't wait until 9/29/02 because Nickelodeon is airing a new special of Zim.
26. You burn if rain touches your skin.
27. You wear boots to skool everyday.
28. Youre emotionally in love with either Zim or Dib.
29. Youre addicted to your Gameboy Advance.
30. You like Mexican food.


31. If you suddenly explode when you don't have enough tacos.
32. When you stuff your pet dog it to a green GIR suit and insist in calling it GIR.
33. When you get a phobia of rain.
34. When something gets broken and it's not your fault you get scared.
35. When you get a phobia of rubber piggies.
36. If you try flushing yourself down a toilet hoping to get to Zims lab.
37. When you start ordering an elevator to take you where you want to go instead of pressing the buttons.
38. When you believe the first person you see in the morning is Zim (e.g like Keef).
39. When you get a zit you believe it has "hypnotic powers".
40. You plant freaky garden gnomes in your garden hopping they will rid you of intruders.

From Elite Invader

41. You go into burger king, ring the little bell, even if the person is there and demand a cherry doom brain freezy
42. You call that person "food-slave"
43. You stand on your toes, jump real high, or do any thing to make yourself taller while wearing red (or purple) glasses, and try to convince people that you ARE the Almighty Tallest
44. You buy a hamster and name it Peepi
45. You over-feed the hamster and rename it ultra Peepi
46. Every time you trip, you hold your side and scream "BOOOUGH! MY SQUEEDILY-SPOOCH!"
47. Everything you own has the Irken symbol on it SOMEWHERE
48. You are STILL reading this
49. You contribute to this list
50. You have figured out what the oceans on Irk are made out of (Mercury for all of you curious people... No. Not the planet... Hg, Quick silver, the stuff in thermometers... Yeah...)

From Invader Spork

51. When your mom says your going somewhere special ( ex. Barns And Noble, Mac Donalds etc.) You scream at the top of your lungs: " YAY!! No, that's bad,Gir! YAY!!"

From Meredith

52. When you call a radio station and request the doom song.

From Silver Tallest

53. When you wake up your mom says "hi son,brush your teeth."
54. When someone asks who you are say"I am your name your ruler,I rule with my iron fist,you bow to the fist!"
55. When you get a new student,pretend you like her and when she sprays you with soda...run and scream in pain.

From SonicSpeeeeed777@cs.com

56. When you are curious about an object and interrupt the person trying to explain it to 3 times or more with the question WHAT IS IT???
57. When you gawk at some guy trying on shorts and say OOooOOoOoOoH it's got chicken leeeegs.....
58. When you go to the mall and the Muzak just commands you to DANCE LIKE A MUNKY!
59. When invader Zim is on you SWEAR it's your favorite show.. no wait THIS is my favorite show... *sighs* it's my favorite shoooooow
60. If you ever wondered whether mrs. bitters is infected with Snake DNA

From darkersiderthanatos@comcast.net

62. When you have a REALLY bad craving for taquitos (or any other Mexican food) and start wanting to run around screaming for this food. (I have actually had this bad of a craving for taquitos.)
63. When you get a zit and you name it Pustulio and try to hypnotize people with it.

From Invader Tak

64. If you sing the doom song in your sleep. (I really did sing the doom song in my sleep, my sis heard me..)
65. if in a race, go ahead of somebody, and yell in there face, EAT MY IRKEN DUST!!
66. if you yell, SHE DIED!! in class while the teacher called an absent name in roll call.
67. if you make accessories for your zim plushy.
68. if you know the words to all the episodes by heart.
69. when you forgot to study for a test and yell YAY!! IM DOOMED!!!
70. when at the end of the pledge in class, you yell, HAIL ZIM!!!
71. if you make up a new zim-like song out of another song (such as mine; Zim's got the whole world, in his hands, zim's got the whole world, in his hands, ect.)
72. if you run in the staff only part of the lunch room and ask them why do the have no tacos.

From Linsey

73. When applying for something and they say no say: But you can't (name of job) without me! (name of job) runs though my vains like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS the pants command me do not ignore my vains!

From Ronald

74. When your best friend is acting weirder than normal, you say to your teacher, "Can we send him/her to the Krazy House for Boys/Girls?"
75. If a butterfly or something lands on your shirt you say "Aww. He likes me."
76. You freak out about rain.
77. You freak out about bees.
78. Y ou spend too much money on hair gel.
79. In conversation, you frequently jump around between quotes in different episodes, causing everyone around you to become confused.
80. You announce that you have a "MIGHTY NEED" every time you need to use the restroom.
81. You hop down the hallway in school--excuse me, skool.
82. You start spelling the word 'skool' like it is on the show.
83. You keep freaky items in your book bag.
84. You and other people around you fre quently catch you singing the Doom Song quietly during class.
85. You say "Have you the brainworms?!?!" whenever someone says something crazy.
86. When you get hit in the stomach you yell "OUCH my squeedily spooch!"
87. When a package arrives containing packing peanuts, you go insane.
88. You laugh maniacally at every joke you hear.
89. When someone is annoying you you say "Do not invoke my wrath!!" and wave your fist in their face.
90. Even if you hate your science teacher, you LOVE scie nce!
91. You do not dress up for Halloween.
92. When Valentine's Day comes, you crouch in the corner of the classroom and hide.
93. You rack your brain trying to think of 20 ways you know you watch too much Invader Zim.
94. The D, Z, G, I, R, M, A, and B keys on your keyboard are painted orange.
95. On March 30th (or the closest day you have skool), you beg the office people to let you announce "Happy Birthday Zim!" over the intercom.
96. On your Game Boy you fill in the words "Game Boy" with Plaster Of Paris, paint it to match, and then scratch the words "Game Slave" into it with an ex-acto knife.
97. If in TV Guide it says Zim will be on TV and you turn the TV on at that time and Zim's not on, it's Rocket Power instead you cry and cry and cry and then lay down and sleep.
98. You say "ee!" when you're happy, "Eeeee!" when you're REALLY happy, "EEEeeeee!" when you're ExTrEmElY happy, and "EEEEEEEEEEEEE HEH EHEHEHEEEEE! WEEHOO!" when you feel so happy you just exploooode!
99. When someone asks "What is your favourite colour" you say PIGGY!
100. You gasp in fright when you see a pig.
101. You eat, sleep, live Invader Zim. You are a Zim freak 60/60/24/7/5/12. (60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 5 weeks a month, (i think.) 12 months a year.)
102. When the weather idiot says it will rain you yell "PASTE! I must acquire paste!"
103. You stuck your foot down the toilet on ce...
104. You wear gloves to skool.
105. You have a makeover planned for your Tekno Puppy.
106. When someone asks you a question you say "Uh huh!" when they ask you another question you say "Guess so!" then when they tell you to do something you say "Okayy... sheesh." grunt a few times. "I cant!"
107. In the morning you wake up (from dreaming about Invader Zim) and you walk into the bathroom and tur n on the light. you cant see, so you say "Wait a minute... IM BLIND!!!" then you run around like a maniac.
108. You eat TOAST!! for breakfast.
109. You drink salty lemonade during the summer.
110. On the bottom of every soda can in the household you have drawn the Irken symbol.
111. On your binder it says "Don't open my binder! I might call up the Irken Armada!" or something similar.
112. You and your best friend pass notes written in Irken to each other in skool.
113 . In the bathroom stall someone has scratched in "Zim is an alien"!!
114. You have a poster in your room that says "I eat food"
115. You got a new puppy and named it Gir.
116. You got a new kitten and named it MiMi.
117. When someone says you are jealous you say "This has nothing to do with jelly!"
118. You call money "moneys".
119. Instead of reciting the pledge of allegiance you wiggle your antennas.
120. When someone asks you a question you say "yes yes thats fascinating" and run away. (i d o that)
121. You have no last name...
122. You wait and wait for "Mysterious Mysteries" to come on every night.
123. You go to skool and throw muffins.
124. Your younger sister hates you.
125. That strange boy in your class hates you. You hate him too!

From The Phantom Kitten

126. You are labelled '(siblings name here) scary sister(or brother..)'(Actully my sister calls me Georgia's scary sister...ehehe...)
127. You quote Zim quote's in diling speech/internet chat/etc...
128. You sing along with the theme song, and dance aroung the room when Zim comes on TV..YAY!!!
129. You can't wait until you get home from school to watch Zim.

From Lydia Tripp

130: you make an invader Zim costume for Halloween
131: it has a removable disguise also
132: you hum "In the Beginning" and the invader Zim theme song almost daily
133: you search for the deeper meanings in the show.
134: you make your own irken fan-character.
135: you draw yourself in the style of Jhonen.
136: you have literally drawn over 200 drawings of Zim, Dib ect. in your life.
137: you have 2 pieces or more of IZ merchandise.
138: you draw the irken logo anywhere at anytime.
139: that costume? it's still in your closet.
140: you usually strut in the style of Zim.
141: Zim is life. the rest are just details.

From cyberen_broyoshi

142-Whenever you fall down you say either YAAAY PAIN or I DIDNT FEEL A THING!!!
143-If you happen to fall face to face with the floor you say HI FLOOR! MAKE ME A SAMMICH!!
144-If you dress up like Zim for halloween.
145-When you dont hear what someone says, you go WHATCHU SAY???!!!
146-If you read JTHM during your spare time.
147-If people start saying you have a large head...(IF this does happen, I feel very sad for you...not really)
148-When your teacher has a mustache-and shes a girl...
149-If someone asks you out and you scream at the top of your lungs (your name) IS NOT CAPABLE OF LOVE!!!
150-When you start saying stuff like i rule you all
151-If you wear a weird red dress-and ur a guy...
152-when u insist ur the tallest person alive so u should be leader
153-if you have an obsession with zippers

From NNY

154.You listen to the Invader Zim theme song on your MP3 or I pod every day while on the bus to school.
155.The words "waffle" or "taco" automatically makes you think of Gir now
156.Your passwords for facebook or anywhere like that has something to do with the show.
157.You want mostly Invader Zim merchaindise for christmas.
158. You know every possible thing about irkens(their biology,etc.)
159.When it rains, you check to see if anyone around you is burning.
160. You waste time thinking up ways you're addicted to Invader Zim

From Maggie