Yay, here's some character summaries! They're in alphabetical order, so go and look down the list for the character you want to find out about.

Dib is Zim's enemy. He works on exposing Zim for the alien he is. Unfortunatly, no one believes that Zim is an alien, and everyone calls Dib crazy and insane. Dib works to be a paranormal investigator and always watches a show called 'Mysterious Mysteries'.

Gaz is my personal favorite character, she reminds me so much of...me. Gaz is Dib's younger sister. If you get in the way of her video game playing, she will beat you up. She loves to eat pizza. She has the power to beat Dib up, so he doesn't get in her way. She looks very gothic by the way her eyes are drawn, and the dark colours she wears.

GIR is supposed to be a SIR unit, but instead, he's made of spare SIR parts, 2 buttons, 1 paperclip, a marble and a screw. He is very stupid, but his stupidity is really funny. GIR's disguise doesn't hide him well either. He becomes a green dog, with a very noticeable zipper.

Ms Bitters
Ms Bitters is Zim and Dib's teacher. She moves around like a shadow and is very...bitter and negitive.

Professer Membrane
Professer Membrane is the father of Dib and Gaz. He's always busy working on new inventions, so is hardly ever around his kids. He has his own television show called 'Probing The Membrane of Science".

Tak is the new girl. Her 'father' works for the Dee-lishous Weenie company. She's an invader from the Irken race and tries to conquer Earth, because she knows that Zim can't. Her SIR is disguised as a cat named Mimi. Unlike Zim, she is good hiding her true self.

The Tallest - Purple and Red
Purple and Red are the tallest Irkens. They are chosen as the rules of the Irken Race because of this. They don't like Zim and play many tricks on him and try to get rid of him.

Zim is the main character of the story. He tries to conquer Earth, but isn't very good at it... at all. His mission is all fake, and the Tallest enjoy making fun of it. His SIR unit dubbed GIR isn't a very good aid to help him. Zim's disguise doesn't hide him very well. He just wears a wig and contacts. He doesn't do anything about his skin or his lack of ears and blames it all on a 'skin condition'.