If you don't know, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. These questions will get annoying if you ask me them through e-mail, so look here first to find out what you want to know.

Q: Is Invader Zim cancelled?
A: Yes.

Q: When was it cancelled?
A: January 17th, 2002

Q: If it's cancelled, then why does it still play on TV?
A: Cancelled means that they simply don't make any more new episodes. It's still on TV because it hasn't been 'pulled off the air' yet.

Q: What does the 'G' in GIR stand for?
A: "I don't know" - Gir

Q: Do you make your own icons?
A: Yes, I make most of the pictures on this site as well...it's not nice to steal.

Q: I want to download Invader Zim episodes so I can watch them whenever I want. Where do you get yours?
A: I downloaded all of my episodes off of iMesh and Kazaa. You can find these programs on Download.com.

Q: When did you create this website?
A: May 22nd, 2002

Q: Why do you type words like color and favorite wrong?
A: I don't. I type my own little Canadian way =P

Q: Do you ride a polar bear to school?
A: No, no I don't.

Q: Why are you so cool?
A: Hahahahahah...Because =P