I've put up a fan fiction section...or else you wouldn't be seeing this. Enjoy reading. I welcome any kind of fan fiction here, so if you want to submit something, e-mail me. Please put it in notepad and saved as a .txt file, or just put it straight into the e-mail, or else I will not accept it. Note that I do not review any fics here before I put them up...so I am not responsible for anything here.

The Mistake By Invader Lee
Book of Doom By Invader Mook
Irken Dib By Invader Ziamy
Street Stink Beast! By Elite Invader
Invader MAZ By Silver Tallest
Assailment of the Pork By Invader Temlin
Social Status MayhemBy Alex Carr
Blast from the PastBy Ashley
Zim Falls In Love With The Beautiful Earth GirlBy Implet
The Doomed One Named Dib By Elite Invader