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>Innocent Zim
>The Mission Begins
>Annoyed Gaz
>GIR Information
>Zim in the Bathroom
>Invader Zim Logo
>Invader Zim
>Tallest Shadows
>Lots of Ships
>GIR Smashes Into the Screen
>Zim Laughing Insanely
>Zim Outside

The Nightmare Begins
>Smoke Machines...
>Invader Larb
>Zim Rises!
>Worse...or Better?
>Dib Looking For Aliens
>GIR's Brain
>Tallest Laughing
>I'm Gonna Sing The Doom Song!
>Zim's Human Design
>GIR and Zim...Ponder
>Skool Classroom
>Dib's Crazy
>Alien Handcuffs
>Dib Laughing Insanely
>Tallest Confused
>Invader Skoodge
>Psycho Zim
>The Pants Command Me!
>He Will Pay...
>A SIR Unit
>GIR is Created
>It's Advanced
>I Saw A Squirrel!
>Zim's Base
>I Love Earth
>Handcuff Attack
>Zim Calling Gir
>Worn Out

Parent Teacher Night
>Zim Waiting
>Dib Talking
>I Love You, Cold Unfeeling Robot Arm!
>Garden Gnome
>Floating Head
>I Love This Show!
>Gaz and Dib
>Standing Around
>No One Saw That
>The Big Bang
>Zim Videotape
>Birth of Zim
>Zim Yelling
>Robot Parents
>GIR in Makeup
>Punch on Dib
>He's Spilling Punch!

Walk of Doom
>GIR Falling
>GIR Off
>Bee Hive
>GIR Locating
>Aww, It Likes Me!
>Zim's Burning Eyes
>Drooling Baby
>Love or Die
>GIR Running
>GIR Naked
>Zim With Chip
>GIR Serious
>Scary Monkey
>Dancing Man
>Gir Crying
>Bus Driver Lady
>The Goat Wants You!
>Hanging off a Building

>Malfunctioning SIR Units
>'Invisible' Zim
>Another 'Invisible' Zim
>Victory For Zim!
>Mischecious Tallest
>Zim and Random Kid
>Chicken Legs
>Girl at Computer
>Angry Zim
>GIR With Camera
>Victory For Earth!

>Zim With Rage
>Lice Children
>Zim At The Mic
>Determined Dib
>Angry Bitters
>Giant Louse

Tak, The Hideous New Girl
>Tak Recites
>BBQ Tak
>Upside Down GIR
>My Robot Bee!
>Making Me Sick
>Weenie President
>Zim to the Rescue
>And I...!
>No! Never!
>Power Button
>GIR in a Cat Suit
>The Class Stares
>Tallest Laugh
>Tak and Dib
>Meat of Love
>At The Door
>Zim Getting Snack
>Ham Demon
>Unimpressed Dib
>Weenie Guy
>Dib Looking...Aware
>Angry Tak
>Your Head Smells Like a Puppy!
>No You Didn't
>Tak's Ship
>Hopeful Dib

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff
>GIR's Butt
>Evil Smile
>Yes Sir!
>Zim Command
>Nick Kid
>Questional Intelligence
>Squid Man
>Red Background GIR
>Gettin Eatin By A Shark
>Zim's Ship
>Hyper GIR
>GIR Yay!
>Big Headed Boy
>Police Man
>Squid Kid
>Dark Girl
>Police Zim
>Snack Machines
>Hi Floor!

Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom
>Muffin Hits Zim
>Scared Dib
>Aliens After
>Dib's Brain
>Super-Dib Blue Background
>GIR Explodes
>Dib Giving a Look
>Dib and Another Girlfriend
>Dib and A Different Girlfriend
>Earth's Best
>Irken Ships
>Dib in Space
>Old Man Dib
>Zim Laughs
>Muffin Hits Dib
>Safety Zim
>Dib Talking to Gaz
>Gaz Laughs
>Aliens Before
>Dib Sleeps
>Red Background Super Dib
>Karate Dib
>Teenage Dib and Girlfriend
>Zim In A Tank
>Gaz in the Future
>Older Dib
>Earth's Ships
>Dib and the Tallest
>Dib's Award
>Audience of Zims
>Dib is Sad